Independent contractor versus employee

Independent Contractor versus Employee

Hiring someone on an independent contractor basis can have many advantages for employers. For example, independent contractors can:

  • Be hired on a per-project basis and let go when the project is completed.
  • Be more experienced workers who want to maintain a degree of independence. In other words, they don’t require the supervision that is necessary with employees.

Although most companies are aware of the problems of misclassifying employees as independent contractors, potentially expensive situations still arise. Misclassifying someone can lead to back taxes, penalties and fines. So it pays to know the difference. Continue reading “Independent contractor versus employee”

Got “Donate Now” Button on Your Website?

Got “Donate Now” Button on Your Website?

Donate Button

Does your organization have a “donate now” button on its website? If so, it may be subject to registering in EVERY state. Because according to the law, that button means you are passively soliciting for funds in every state and Washington D.C.

Okay, but what if your organization had gross receipts of $50,000 or less and only filed a 990N with the IRS? Would the states require a Form 990-EZ be completed, even if not filed with the IRS? Would they accept the 990N confirmation received from the IRS? Or would they require additional financial information, similar to that disclosed on the 990, to be reported on a form created by that state? Continue reading “Got “Donate Now” Button on Your Website?”